GINY Endorses Tedra Cobb In CD NY-21

GINY joins with the National Indivisible 435 Project and other progressive groups in CD NY-21 who have endorsed Tedra Cobb in her candidacy for the House of Representatives.  Tedra has experience as a two-term St. Lawrence County Legislator, stands for common-sense progressive principles, was a factor in bringing an ethics law to her county, is the only candidate who has spoken in support of term limits, has raised her campaign funds almost entirely within New York, and is the candidate who can win the District in November.

National Indivisible, through its Indivisible 435 Project, endorsed Tedra last week.  Our endorsement process has been going for several weeks and in a ranked choice vote we made our choice on Saturday, June 9.  GINY’s values and positions are articulated in our platform (dating app once erfahrungagainst which members weighed the written and personal statements of the candidates.  As a partner organization in the Coalition of NY21 Progressives, members had the opportunity before voting to view a series of one on one video interviews in which all the candidates were asked the same questions and given equal time to respond.

The endorsement decision was made using ranked choice voting (click here for a description), a democratic process gaining wide support, in which the winning candidate must achieve a true majority.  Tedra emerged the clear victor with 56.3% of the vote on the first round of ballot counting.

GINY looks forward to lending our active support to Tedra in the run up to the Democratic Primary on June 26, 2018 and following that in her quest to unseat Elise Stefanik in the general election in November.

GINY plans to make endorsements in NY State races in the near future.

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